Welcome to the Lights of Lobethal 2024.

🌟🎄 **Important Pageant Update for Friends of the Lights!** 🎄🌟

Dear Friends of the Lights,

As the magic of the Lobethal Christmas Pageant draws near, we’re excited to share some event details and crucial information about road closures. 🚗✨

**Event Info:**
🗓️ Date: Saturday, December 9th
🕢 Time: 7:30 PM
📍 Location: [Main Street, Lobethal]

**Road Closures:**
🚧 To ensure the safety and enjoyment of the pageant, certain roads will be closed during the event. Please refer to the attached document for specific road closure details.

**Stay Informed:**
📬 Keep an eye on your letterbox! Official details about the pageant, including road closures and additional information, are on their way. 💌

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Let’s come together to create a magical start to the festive season in Lobethal! 🌈🎅

Thank you,
Lights of Lobethal Committee 🌟✨ #LobethalChristmasMagic #PageantPrep #FriendsOfTheLights 🎁🎉