Welcome to the Lights of Lobethal. Dec 7 - 22.


Thank You, Jim, for Your Dedication and Service

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jim, a longstanding committee member, who has decided to retire this year. Jim's endless devotion and tireless efforts have been instrumental in making the Lights of Lobethal the beloved event it is today. Thank you, Jim, for your many years of service and passion. You will be greatly missed!

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Community Group to Host the 2024 Pageant

We are pleased to announce that, after careful consideration of a proposal by a local community group, the 2024 Pageant will be hosted by this dedicated team. This decision aligns with our tradition of involving community groups in organizing major satellite events, similar to the Church and Carols, Living Nativity, Centennial Hall, and the...

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Community Road Closure

🌟🎄 **Important Pageant Update for Friends of the Lights!** 🎄🌟

Dear Friends of the Lights,

As the magic of the Lobethal Christmas Pageant draws near, we’re excited to share some event details and crucial information about road closures. 🚗✨

**Event Info:**
🗓️ Date: Saturday, December 9th
🕢 Time: 7:30 PM
📍 Location: [Main Street, Lobethal]

**Road Closures:**
🚧 To ensure the safety and enjoyment of the pageant, certain roads will be closed during the event. Please refer to the attached document for specific road closure details.

**Stay Informed:**
📬 Keep an eye on your letterbox! Official details about the pageant, including road closures and additional information, are on their way. 💌

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Let’s come together to create a magical start to the festive season in Lobethal! 🌈🎅

Thank you,
Lights of Lobethal Committee 🌟✨ #LobethalChristmasMagic #PageantPrep #FriendsOfTheLights 🎁🎉

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